Important ____________

Today’s prompt (April 28) is to write a poem titled “Important _______.” The randomly drawn card  is the Five of Swords, which has a meaning of self-interest, conflict, superciliousness, and self-importance. I’ve known  a few important people who walk the earth full of entitlement and earning themselves much censure for doing so. The better route may be to approach others with a less important mien and see how that changes how others feel. Of course, they may not care…

The form is a Sestina.

5 of Swords

Important People

At least humanity’s consistent
One thing about them is persistent:
People think they all deserve respect
But don’t take the time to just reflect
Expecting snags to drop like magic
Karma refutes their claim to tragic

When consequences turn so tragic
To keep appearances consistent
People try to work their own magic
(One cannot knock them for persistence)
Instead of time to pause and reflect
They turn around and demand respect

One cannot simply expect respect:
That makes the situation tragic
Rather than seeing what they reflect
Proud self-perception seems consistent
And so, make their demand persistent
Rude insistence is seldom magic

Demeanor, though, could be the magic
Humility, granting them respect
With a change to kindness persistent
Respectfulness, avoid the tragic
And thus deserving the consistent
Self-worth ‘ere long begins to reflect

When one sees the hero they reflect
The change often occurs like magic
With that kind attitude consistent
Containing compassion and respect
One takes a situation tragic
To one with gentleness persistent

And so with honest, kind persistence
Soon all the world is seen to reflect
Away from rudeness ever tragic
Perspective opens up like magic
Earned devotion garnered by respect
Good treatment soon becomes consistent

From the tragic rudeness persistent
To consistently the truth reflect
Is the “magic” way to earn respect




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