The prompt for April 29 is Haphazard. The card chosen was the Five of Wands, which indicates struggle. I’d seen a meme recently using the Five of Wands, so I took the opportunity to use a tarot meme as the image prompt for this poem. If you’ve ever done any type of reenactment or if you’ve even seen the fancy tents and pavilions at historical type events, you may not have seen behind the beauty to the very real struggle.

stupid tent


Stupid Tent

I bought a fancy canvas tent from a good friend of mine
I fancied that the money spent would make our camping fine.
But we can’t get the damn thing pitched and it’s begun to rain.
I’m thinking that the thing’s bewitched, or cursed to cause us pain.

But still we grapple with the poles, we wrench and pull and lug.
We cannot match the frickin’ holes no matter how we tug.
Of course, I tried to call my friend to rail and to berate,
For him to help me comprehend, but he’s moved out of state.

And so we wrestle in the storm, the canvas getting wetter,
The poles keep slipping to new forms and nothing’s getting better.
And as we go, we start to see that purgatory’s torment
is naught compared to a beastly, horrid, fancy canvas tent.



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