Beginnings and Endings

Tuesdays always bring a dual prompt in the April Poem-a-Day challenge. How could I have forgotten? The prompt was Beginnings and Endings – which I have turned into a sensory dream.  And if you did not know, poems do not have to rhyme…

Lantern Tree ilona nelapsi - found on Deviant Art

Art by Ilona Nelapsi – found on DeviantArt


In the beginning, the moth-sized sparks lit the way,
flickering madly, effective though surreal, then
spiraling outward, a dazzling galaxy
of confusion. A scent of burned paper and gun-
powder, mingled with brisk sea air, confused my
water-starved senses. I peered intently into
the deepening gloom, hoping for what, I did not
know. The nameless horse in the desert, perhaps, to
help me, let me rest my weary feet should it deign
to allow a ride. Sorting my footing took a
moment, unaccustomed as I was to the long,
pointed toes of my shoes. Concentrating, I curled
the toes up and out of the way with my mind, not
pausing a moment at the impossible act.
The checkerboard surface below me was lumpy,
a trail down a cliff-face, the sea enticingly
close. I dared to run and fell, blackness closing in,
and awakened still frightened and clutching the sheets.

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