The theme for the poem-of-the-day today is Panic. I wrestled with it all day. Finally this is what resulted.

We all know this person, don’t we?

Fay Wray (from King Kong)

Image is of Fay Wray


Oh no, please, I’m not absurd,
I know you won’t believe a word
I swear the world is falling down
around our heads, I’ve ripped my gown,
but don’t panic, don’t you fret,
my tortured needs will soon be met.
What I put up with, you won’t believe
how much I bear, oh please don’t grieve
to hear the trials of my life
I so despise dramatic strife,
but I’ll bear with it, this I vow,
I know I’ll last if saints allow
If only you could feel the pain
I suffer, it is such a drain.
But don’t be sorry for me, please,
forgive my aching back and knees,
they’re so painful, I must go
and life’s so hectic, don’t you know,
so, see you soon, must say adieu,
next time we’ll talk all about you.



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