The challenge today, the 11th day of the poem-a-day challenge, was to write a sonnet OR an anti-form poem. I’ve done enough anti-form poems so far this challenge, so today’s poem is a sonnet.

It is an Italian, or Petrachian sonnet. Don’t be scared.  ^_^

Somewhere Else by Eric Zener

Somwehere Else by Eric Zener – more at

Dawn – Abed

Dawn’s breaking and I haven’t slept.
I keep thinking there’s a mistake
or a dream, though I’m still awake.
What’s happened? I cannot accept
this new world into which I’ve stepped.
I wonder, and puzzle, and ache.
Don’t know how much more I can take,
and instead of slumber, I’ve wept.
This joy has become something more.
Bliss isn’t what I expected.
My boundaries have fallen apart
now, here, with the one I adore.
I feel completely connected
by letting you into my heart.

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