The prompt for the poem-of-the day was Guilty. I have fought with this one all day and finally just had to start writing words.

This is the fourth try, and it’s finally something I can live with.

hand window glass


So, sad and full of fear,
she opened the basement door at last
to discover what the terrifying secret was
that she’d kept from herself all this time.
And of all the fears she’d had,
all the terrors she’d imagined,
it wasn’t at all what she’d expected.

She was in her father’s house,
held tightly by him,
her brother at her side.
But her mother was there too,
and she’d sent a policeman
to take them away.

The girl remembered, then,
what had happened,
the painful thing she’d locked away
from herself.

How tragic it still felt,
the tears on all faces.
The implacable officer,
pulling her away from her father.
Moments later in the car,
she tried to unwind the window,
tapping at it, tears flowing,
“I’ll never see you again.”

And she was right.

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