Day 13 of Poem-a-Day month, the prompt today was to write something about Family.

I like to delve deep into things during poetry month. Its like probing a new cavity or trying not to itch at that aching scab. By the end of the month, I’m ready to move on and feel much better for it.

Angel grief

Such a Good Man

“Oh, he was such a good man, your dad,” his
wife gushes. Is she hearing what she says?
She can’t be unaware of his glaring
absence from my life. She goes on, baring
his deep devotion to her children, how
very much I look just like him, just wow,
“You do have his eyes, honey,” she confides,
pleased to note something about me besides
my nice, funeral shoes. She’s not the least
bit shy about discussing the deceased,
his things, his horrific death, his grandkids—
well, her grandkids—though my shocked face forbids,
she carries on, “He loved them like his own.”
I can’t help but think, How would he have known?

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