Popular saying

Today’s prompt, the 14th day of the poem-a-day challenge, is to pick a popular saying and write a poem about that. The title I’ve chosen is fallen through the cracks. I want to highlight something I find troubling in this day. Governments interfering with people who have chosen to live in tiny homes.

All over the country, communities have grown up around the notion that actual needs are few, and if one wishes, one should be able to live in a tiny home. Some have been built for the homeless, giving them a safe bed and roof over their heads. One would think this is a godsend, but often governments and neighbors interfere and decide the homes are not safe or sanitary, never mind the fact that these people are living on the streets. Small homeless communities have been broken up, their homes destroyed.

As a libertarian, I find this very disturbing. :/  Here are some articles for more information:




And now, the poem:

Cardboard - this is my home

fallen through the cracks

visions, lucent and shining
float into her head
flotsam of all her yesterdays
from inside the shabby
cardboard box
she calls a home.

once, a year or two ago
a man made her a house,
tiny door and windows
fold-down bed
and a lock to keep her things safe.

then the city declared it
unfit for habitation
so now she has the box

her visions remain
but she misses her house.



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