Playing catch up, the prompt for day 20 was to write about a task. I love to make pie, so I wrote about baking. ❤

I have some lemons. Hmm.

Lemon meringue pie




Prepare the crust carefully keeping
the moisture to a minimum and
as cold as possible. Next, sweeping
up the crumbs and rolling out the dough
between two sheets of waxed paper, I
transfer without tearing it, although
a bit of water mends the confection.
Pricked with a thousand holes and then baked
into golden, fragrant perfection.

The filling will be lemon, fresh squeezed,
cooked in a mystical blend of sweet
and sour, the flavor carefully teased
into yellow gel, pour in the shell
and top with meringue until I’m pleased.
Bake and brown the creamy white topping
then chill, though it’s difficult to wait,
but the golden white, brown, and yellow
takes some time to reach its perfect state.



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