The prompt today, the 25th of the poem-a-day challenge, was one we get every year. To write a love/anti-love poem. I’ve tackled many topics in the past, from Romeo and Juliet to Acteon and Diana, Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre, and even Cyrano and Roxanne.

This time, however, I’ve chosen a different kind of love. Parental or creator’s love…

Frankenstein and Creature - 6

I. Frankenstein

Bored and possessed of great imagination
yet no moral compass.
Spoiled by his class and entitlement,
he dared to dream of creating life,
a gift hitherto given only to women.
Driven to build by hand
what comes easily to nature,
and then forced to face
the resultant monstrosity,
he fled from his frightful Creature,
unwilling or unable to open his heart
the way a mother could.

II. Creature

Born and possessed of great strength,
yet no moral compass.
Disdained by his maker, reviled by the world
he dared to dream of a fulfilled life,
a gift, hitherto only given to those born of woman.
Driven to destroy by force
what rejected him at every turn,
he forced his maker to face him,
a monstrosity,
and begged for love, if not from Frankenstein,
then for a bride to call his own.

III. Despair

Finally, both of them broken and alone,
love forsaken and life fled,
a warning to all to consider consequences
before doing something just become one can.

Frankenstein and Creature - 5

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