The prompt for today’s 28th poem-a-day challenge was to write about odors.

This was an easy one to plan and commit to pen, I have allergies. Not as bad as some, but there are things that make me seize up and will cause asthma or worse, a migraine. Use consideration, please, when dousing yourself in cologne…

For Therese, Jennifer, and Susan


I love the flowers, love the grass, I love the scent of perfume.
Clean and polished wood and brass, shiny floors in all my rooms.
I gaze outdoors at the lovely mass of flowers all in bloom
And press my face up to the glass—just to sneeze at all the fumes.

Yes, scents and chemicals tear me up. I can’t enjoy the flowers.
An elevator trip can start up allergies for hours.
I need a doctor’s checkup after Macy’s perfume scours,
and if, with me, you wish to sup, please take unscented showers.

So please forgive me, I can’t stop my allergic reaction.
If you love me, try to shop at stores without distraction
of heavy odors that will drop me into putrefaction
and try to understand my flop at chemical interaction.

Nice Perfume


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