The prompt was “Triangle,” and after discussing our various past lives with a friend, this is what came to mind. Don’t worry about me, though. All is well. Still, the scars remain, and the best we can do is go on. It’s sometimes cathartic to write.

Grief - unknown artist

Unwitting Triangle

So you go along together
side-by-side with this person you
think to spend the rest of your life with.

It’s good, you love them. All is well.
But sometimes you imagine they aren’t
completely with you. Something’s missing.

You don’t know what it is, so you pry.
Ask some deep questions. You are rebuffed.
Which is odd, aren’t you a couple?

You go on, now with a niggling doubt.
Trying not to see what you think you see.
Sometimes the question: where have you been?

On learning they’ve been with another.
It’s almost not a surprise at all,
but that won’t stop the sharpened sorrow

that is yours to treasure for always,
this knowledge you never were a duo,
you have always been a triangle.

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