The prompt for Day 6 is Praise. Oh, I had no trouble with this one. I know what starts me up in the morning! ^_^

I know many of you are tea-people, and that’s fine, but I am an admitted coffee girl. Tea has its place, I love tea, too. But coffee is my favorite. If that makes me one of the caffinatti, so be it.

coffee vintage.jpg

Praise Be, Coffee

Oh coffee, how lovely thou art,
Frothy and steaming in the cappuchino,
Strong and black in the espresso.
Thy dark beans refresh me,
Thy tasty brew renews.
Yea, though I walk through
the early morning light
afflicted with grogginess
and weary from too many late nights,
Yet I know thy mocha mud revives me.
Thy café au lait nourishes my soul.
Thine shall be the devotion and adoration forever,

Coffee drinkers live longer


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