Going Somewhere


For those of you who don’t know, I am a writer. My co-author and I have been invited to attend TusCon44 as writer guests. It is a tremendous honor for such a newby as me.

The first book came out this spring, it’s titled “Cause and Effect: Chloe’s Story.” It may be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The second book was due to come out this week (And this one has my name on it too!), in time for the convention, but things got delayed as they sometimes do… Anyway, it will be out soon

So here I am in Tucson at this convention with no books to sign, but I am a guest! And I get to do panels! So exciting. And the prompt today was to write a poem about “going places.” The irony does not escape me.

Writing with pen and quill

Going Somewhere


Oh, doesn’t it sound fraught?

A bit overdramatic?


In my mind, my mother tells

seven-year-old me not to get too big for my britches

and my great-grandmother’s eyes sparkle with excitement.

(She would have read the book, all right,

But would not have liked the sexy bits, I think.)


It’s important to make an appearance, you know.

It’s good to meet people,

helpful people and people that like to read,

and people who want to brush shoulders

and all that.

I LIKE people. I’m just not so sure

I’m ready to be this person.


But ready or not, it’s time to really

go somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Going Somewhere

    • It turns out it is also a lot of work. I did panels today! Most were fun, one was a challenge. I lived, and more people know about the novel now than did before. LOL

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