Darkest Hour

The theme today is Darkest Hour. Which, again, makes me consider wars, great and small, and the way people face their pain. Individually, we may be weak, but together, the human race is unstoppable.

Thomas fuller quote

Darkest Hour


Pain is individual, sucks at the heart, makes one feel alone.

It can leave a message of despair that goes down to the bone.


Pain prisons minds, its poison dark and vile. Scarring, searing,

true, but leaves one sympathetic after finally disappearing.


Pain on a larger scale, in times of terror, war, or large-scale loss

bring a fierce determination to fight regardless of the cost


This is why in times of fear when we face our darkest hour

The human race will rise and fight with all its massive power.


In a single soul pressed by sorrow, it’s easy to surrender,

but faced with larger cost of life people rise in all their splendor.


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