The theme today is “Hint.” I took that to the idea that sometimes people are overly-sensitive for a good reason.  Each small hint in a person’s behavior could be a signal that doom is about to arrive because that may be the person’s past experience.


image is public domain


::childhood hectic, sometimes scary::
::she learns to watch, to stay wary::
::step-dad’s eyes narrow, his lip curls::
::his fist is raised to little girls::

::she leaps in front of sibling’s fear::
::she takes the blame, she sees his sneer::
::the blow is hard she hits the wall::
::he grins; the children start to bawl::

When she is grown, she’s learned quite well
to watch for signs of impending hell.
It’s not easy to learn to trust,
doesn’t feel safe to simply “adjust.”

Signs are around her every day
Anger is rage, and rage can betray.
Delicate feelers have kept her alive
noticing changes to help her survive.

Maybe, she thinks, it’s safe to move on,
but how to know the danger is gone?
Meantime, she struggles, tries to have hope,
trying to trust and learning to cope.


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