The theme is teenage, and I recalled a story with a happy ending. I was appalled by the lack of parenting of  this young man… (He made a success of his life, but still…)

found on public domain website

Photograph of man by Kate Heaslip

Teenage Drifter

No home to be seen.
Mom made him leave
the day he turned eighteen.
Happy birthday, you asshole.
Now get out, you’re an adult.

How does he finish high school
with no place to live?
How does he ever forgive
her for this?

Parenting is more, though,
than simply giving birth,
not like she would know.

Crash space is rare,
he gets a job to survive,
a roommate who doesn’t care,
as long as his rent is on time.

He meets someone.

Her family is appalled
by him.
His goals change, though,
he wants success, a life.
It’s not so grim now,
you know.

He has his GED.
He goes to trade school.
Her parents agree,
and the two marry.

They are so happy
in equal measures
and when children arrive.
they are his


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