The 17th prompt is “Broken.” I had a long talk with my uncle about my step-grandmother. She has not been a nice person throughout the time she’s been in our family, but things have a way of circling around to bite the victimizer on the ass…
And those of us she victimized? We moved on long ago, preferring to live our lives without the drama.



Broken like the marriage you broke up.
Broken like his children you cast off.
Broken like the relationship he once had with them.
Broken like my grandfather’s heart when his children all left.
Broken like the friendships we kids had with our grandfather.
Broken like the estate you kept for your child alone.
Broken like the ranch, now sold and cut into pieces.
Broken like the way your son felt about you when he died.
Broken like the house, now torn down and thrown away.
Broken like you, alone in a care home with nothing to your name.
Broken like your mind: when told Mark had died, you said, “Who?”

All the things you broke in life, all for selfishness’ sake.
All the lives damaged with drama you just had to make.
All the greed for worldly things you simply had to take.
All the manipulations for your claims to stake.
All the lies and conniving, the will he had to remake.
And the end result after all of that? A big mistake.

No one left to love you.
Your grandson despises you.
Your stepchildren alone left to visit you.
The things you broke have now broken you.

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