Links to Wondrous Lands (and Blogs)


Poetry and/or Writer’s Blogs:

Poetic Asides

I Hate Poetry


Fluff and Nonsense

Cate Writes



Penguin Poems

Writing on the Sun



CKS Warrior Queen

Poor Rude Lines

* * *

Writing Blogs:

My Name is Not Bob

* * *

Blogs that Defy Description Because the Blogger is so Multi-Talented:

GJScobie’s Blog

DomesticDiva, MD

A Taste for Drink

Quill Creations

Life Magic

* * *
Cooking/Food Blogs:

Misk Cooks

Inn at the Crossroads

Outlander Kitchen

I Breathe… I’m Hungry

* * *

Crafting/Sewing Blogs:

Tangible Daydreams

* * *

Ambrosia & Nectar:

Above-Ground Treatery

* * *

Okay, Wondrous Lands:



Middle Earth

The Centre of the Earth

Limberlost Swamp

Treasure Island

The Four Corners of Civilization

The Secret Garden

Green Gables


Amazing bubble photos

* * *

People that will Sell you Beautiful Things:

Brazen Button

Susan Holt on Etsy


Tangible Daydreams on Etsy

Kohnke by Hand

Albert Kohnke’s GORGEOUS work on Etsy

* * *

Comics that are Too Good to Miss: 

(I suggest you go to the archives to get the full effect of most of these, but be aware they are time vacuums.)

The Devil’s Panties (It’s not satanic porn!)

Goblins (A comic about D&D)

Girl Genius (Where Steampunk REALLY began!)

XKCD  (Science can be hilarious)

* * *

Oh, Just a Couple Books with my Poems in them:

Beyond the Dark Room (All the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.)

and here is a link to the Kindle edition!

Prompted: An International Collection of Poems

(And the Kindle version) (P.S. All proceeds go to an international literacy foundation!)


8 thoughts on “Links to Wondrous Lands (and Blogs)

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  2. I am so honoured to be included on your blog roll list. Thank you so very much. I’m off to add you lovely poetry blog to my favourite blogs, too. 🙂

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