Last Line First – November PaD day 16

The prompt today was to use the last line from yesterday’s poem, and make that into a poem. I took the last line, turned it into a title, and ran with it. This was really fun.

Totally Worth It

Old Maid
Bike rides
The circus
Black eyes
Class mom
Science fair
Art museum
Chicken pox
Cotton candy
Board games
Potty training
Carnival rides
Science Center
Baking cookies
Bedtime stories
Birthday parties
Movie matinees
Tenth-grade Play
Museum field trip
Dying Easter eggs
First day of school
Christmas morning
Rainy day at the zoo
Break-up heartbreak
Fireworks on the 4th
Principal’s honor roll
Little League baseball
Call from the principal
Fishing at the city park
Jack-o-Lantern carving
Playland at McDonalds
Baking soda volcanoes
Drippy ice cream cones
Singing songs in the car
Children’s puppet theater
Fifth Grade Band Concert
Singing “Happy Brithday”
Saturday morning cartoons
Thanksgiving hand-turkeys
Bring-your-kid-to-work day
Planting a tree on Arbor day
Cardboard tube sword fights
Elementary school Fun Faire
Practicing for the driving test
Stitches at the doctor’s office
Six hour flight with three kids
Set-building at the high school
Holding his hand at the dentist
Handmade Halloween costumes
Finding the funnest park in town
Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day
Finding the perfect tux/dress for prom
Driving around looking at Christmas lights
Picking them up from their first day at work


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